Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We made it safe and sound to California, puking baby and all. We stayed the night in a low budget hotel in Charlotte so we didn't have to leave at 2:30 in the morning. After a restless night in a king sized bed with a 23 month old toddler and 7 month old infant (the rest of the kids were in a room with my mom) we awoke at 5:30am and quickly got ready for our early arrival at the aiport for our 8:05am departure. Jason awoke a little stuffed up and I saw him gagging on the bed. I assumed it to be a gag reflex of post nasal drip. But as our family van pulled up curbside at the airport my mom witnessed a small puking espisode and we again attributed it to post nasal thick snot. We survived the trecherous security checkpoint with five children, shoes off, strollers folded, infant formula inspected, 5 kid backbacks, 2 adult backpacks and an infant carrier. We passed and proceeded to our gate with a pitstop for muffins, english muffin and egg sandwiches and juice. We were surprised to learn that Delta does not board small children first so we patiently waited for our zone to be called. As we walked down the jetway, Jason's sweet little baby face turned bright red and he began heaving. I knew it wasn't post nasal drip. The entire flight I remained concerned for his comfort. He soaked an entire bib with puke. By the end of the flight he seemed to feel better and was drinking his formula. We arrived at our layover and hiked to our new gate and I sat down to two unfriendly people. When everyone finished their bathroom duties, I suggested Burger King for lunch. At the conclusion of our meal, Jason sickly projected his entire bottle of formula onto the attractive brown tile floor. I reached for my backpack to get a wipe and noticed my backpack was nowhere to be seen. I panicked. I rushed to the gate with the unfriendly people to find out that the unfriendly lady had turned it in to the authorities "because that is what you are supposed to do when you see unattended baggage." I must have looked pretty threating. Finally after tracking down the correct authority, Matt, from aiport police kindly brought it to me at Burger King. We survived the second flight, Jason recovered from his illness, and we are now in Calfornia to enjoy a nice relaxing trip in Sunny California.

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