Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Parenthood brings occasions that you would never guess to expect. Tonight Bradley called me into the bathroom to tell me that his poop was stuck in his butt. As I approached the bathroom, my attention was attracted to a dark spot on the wallpaper next to the toilet. Upon closer examination I realized it was a chickpea sized lump of poop and a six inch downward smear of it. As the smear guided my eyes downward, I also caught a glimpse of a chunk on the baseboard behind the trash can. Obviously Bradley had used his finger to try to emancipate the fastened feces, and simply trying to shake it off his finger did not prove effective. After I explained that poop on the walls was unacceptable, I introduced the word "dingleberry" into his vocabulary and exited the room to retrieve a wipe for the wall and baseboard. As I walked away I heard Bradley penitently say, "Sorr-rry. Sorry for getting poop on the wall."

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