Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Today a friend of mine who lives nearby called to borrow 2 cans of evaporated milk. Confident I had some, I looked in my cupboards and found 30 cans of tuna, 20 cans of pineapple, 3 bags of chocolate chips, a dozen cans each of carrots, green beans, corn, mixed veggies, beets, spinach, tomatoes and peas, 10 cans of baked beans, 26 cans spaghetti sauce, 4 cans Spaghettios, 4 cans each of garbanzo beans and black beans, 11 boxes of cake mix, 5 boxes muffin mix, 20 cans of expired creamed soup (that I promptly discarded), but only one can of evaporated milk. I guess I should put it on my grocery list.

Jason went to the doctor today. He weighed 10lb. 12 oz., was 23 1/2 in., head circumference was 15 3/4 in.

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