Monday, August 28, 2006

Ok. Ok. Ok. I know I am a terrible blogger. My fans are threatening to boycott my website if I don't keep up with it. I have had a request for more stories about poop. That usually is not difficult, but today I was dealing with barf. Emily had a short-lived stomach virus or something. However she did poop this afternoon while I was on the phone with my dad. He asked me if I would look something up online for him while he was visiting my internet deprived 86 year old grandmother. I told him I would in a minute because I had a hiney to wipe. I failed to mention it was Emily's hiney that I was wiping and as I flushed the toilet it occurred to me that I better clarify that to him. I think he was relieved to know I was not pooping while on the phone with him. That would just be weird.

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