Monday, June 19, 2006

Today is the day before Nana goes home. We went to the mall today and I had the opportunity to go to Motherhood. It's been labeled by my kid's as "Mommy's Store." As we walked toward the fitting rooms Bradley impulsively barged in on a woman changing. Embarrassed, I apologized and quickly hid in my own dressing room. Nana remained outside and kept her eye on the stroller while I tried a few items on. In the fitting room beside me there was another woman trying on clothes. She also had her family and 3 children there. All I could hear while I was changing was Bradley loudly announce to his siblings that the mommy had "big boobies." He continued to repeat his observation and giggled as he said it. Later I asked my mom what exactly was going on outside the fitting room. My mom verified that the woman was very voluptuous and was trying on a dress that accentuated her womanly features. The 7 year old brother in the family said, "He's nasty!" But hey, what do expect from a 3 year old that has a mommy with small boobies?

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