Sunday, April 16, 2006

Today was Wendy's first Easter. She didn't even get a piece of candy, poor thing! But she did get to spend some special Mommy and Daddy time this evening after the other kids were asleep. She learned how to wave "hi." We had an Easter egg hunt out in the yard today. Emily is a bit psycho and competitive when it comes to finding eggs. She crashed into Bradley and was always trying to beat out poor little Sarah. Today at church the primary kids sang three Easter songs, but Bradley refused to go up and sing. When I asked him at home why he didn't want to sing he replied, "Cause, I didn't know the notes." Bradley is the type of kid who won't do anything until he can do it right. Emily, on the other hand, is our star performer. She wants to be a singer when she grows up. She is learning how to call David and I on certain things now. For example the other evening we asked the kids to pick up the family room. While they were clearing their toys Emily observed that David was sitting on the floor and not participating. She informed him that he needed to help because it was "distracting" with him just sitting there.

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