Monday, November 14, 2005

You find the darndest things with kids in the house:
  1. I very large red Clifford stuffed animal stuffed in an Igloo cooler. ??? According to Emily, she was making a "really big music box."
  2. A 21 month old girl fallen on a powder room floor covered in water. In the sink there are Legos, a baby doll and a pacifier.
  3. A glass fruit bowl filled with caffeine free Diet Coke and a plastic restaurant kid's cup floating atop.
  4. Three bananas on the upstairs, brand new, master bedroom quilt.
  5. A poopy diaper tossed out the front door into the bushes.
  6. Smashed pop tart in the white Berber carpet.
  7. A diaperless toddler wearing a dress and wet socks.
  8. A gnawed on chunk of cheddar cheese making a grease mark on a Golden Book.
  9. A tragic Fisher Price Little People bus accident at the bottom of the stairs.
  10. A gold minature Reese's Peanut Butter Cup wrapper in the parmesean cheese container.

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